I'm a freelance journalist.

I write about what I know best and what I love: Travel, Restaurants, Theater, Culture, Luxury, Spa/Beauty, and the Arts. I speak many languages, so I am adept at getting to know a culture and location

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Machu article
The Daily Meal

A Weekend in Peru: Lima, Cusco and Machu Picchu

Meryl Pearlstein, Travel and Food Notes. Staff Writer. With the weather a sweltering 90 degrees in most of the US, I'm longing for another trip to ......

Elvis article
The Daily Meal

Bringing Elvis into My Life in a Personal Way

Bringing Elvis into My Life in a Personal Way

Open uri20161128 18154 ffuucg article
The Daily Meal

Eating My Way through Lake Charles, Louisiana

While New Orleans is probably the first city that comes to mind when you think of great Louisiana food and drink, Lake Charles in the ......

Wishing wall 2015 article
The Daily Meal

Say Goodbye to 2016 at Good Riddance Day on December 28

Say Goodbye to 2016 at Good Riddance Day on Decembe...

Dear evan hansen 4250 photo credit matthew murphy article
The Daily Meal

5 Current Broadway Shows Offering Something for Everyone

5 Current Broadway Shows Offering Something for Eve...

Open uri20161128 18154 oqc34r article
The Daily Meal

Prepare for Baseball 2017: Plan a Fancation to Citi Field to See the Mets

Here's another Fancation to tempt your travel planning for the year ahead. Plan to visit New York City starting in April to see the Amazins'......

0713 carrie compere and company in the color purple  photo by matthew murphy  2016 article
The Daily Meal

The Perfect Holiday Gift: Theater Tickets and Dinner - See These ...

The Perfect Holiday Gift: Theater Tickets and Dinne...

Open uri20161128 18154 x6jz1d article
The Daily Meal

It's an All-Year Fancation When You're in a Sports Town Like Boston -- Visit Fenway

It might have been David Ortiz's last hurrah in Boston, but the Red Sox are still a red hot team to visit. And building a vacation around a ......

Open uri20161128 18154 hjtvm8 article
The Daily Meal

Meryl Pearlstein

Restaurants, Recipes, Chefs, Food Trends, Entertaining and Travel Guides...

Open uri20161128 18154 71wh6 article
The Daily Meal

Love Cars? Check out 1000 at the New York International Auto Show

Schedule your time this weekend to see what’s in store on the automotive horizon.   If you love cars, as I do, you’ll find this year’s selec......

Open uri20161128 18154 yfd7ab article
The Daily Meal

It’s Happy Hour Time in Manhattan and Brooklyn – New Discounted Food and Drink Pairings Will Chase the Cold Away

We sometimes forget how much fun Happy Hour can be.  We work too late.  We begrudgingly meet our friends just in time for dinner, or dinner ......

Open uri20161128 18154 vp9hhz article
The Daily Meal

A Day Trip to the Bronx

The Bronx, named after Jonas Bronck who settled there in 1...

Open uri20161128 18154 1jr8iql article
The Daily Meal

Macarons, Ravioli, Oysters and James Beard: Food Events You Should Know About

Did you miss Pancake Day? Margarita Day? Decaffeinated Coffee Day? Lately I’ve been bombarded with news of special food days. It reminds me of those made-up Hallmark holidays, the ones used to sell cards, like Grandparents’ Day, Remember Your Teacher Day, and such nonsense. Well, now it seems to be...